Modus Arts presented the UK edition of OpenSound at Apiary Studios. It involved seven European sound organisations presenting two days of performances, workshops, and discussions on sound arts practice, and concluded with an underwater sound gallery Wetsounds event at the Ironmongers Row Baths.


the lineup included :

Performances and Discussions

Collatz Conjecture” by Klein Bottle (Antitesi/Italy) – live performance followed by discussion between the artists and audience.

“96” by @C (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela (@C) – Granular/Portugal) – live performance followed by discussion between the artists and audience.

“PER SONA’ lecture by Xabier Erkizia (Audiolab/Spain-Basque) – lecture followed by Q&A.

“Apodio 9” FLOSS A-V Distro by Romain Papion (Apo33/France) – presentation of the Apodio9 linux based OS, followed by Q&A.

Open Improv / Foley / Screenings / Live Sound Performances

Various events throughout the Apiary Studios including open workshops, improv music, a public/group foley event, and screenings.

Tecla – “’an abstraction of space–time, where sound becomes a medium to enter parallel dimensions”

Mark O Pilkington – “Improvisation 13”

Hell from Above

J Milo Taylor + Mark Wagner

Tim Goldie – “abject bloc evaginator”

Matt Lewis – “Foley nights”

Romain Papion –  “Hypnotic Bass”

La Horrox – “11111111111”

Audiolab – “performance 2”

“Seelonce, Seelonce, Seelonce” by Jenny Pickett (Apo33/France) – 8 channel installation + skype discussion with the artist .

“The Bot Side” by Julien Ottavi and Jenny Pickett (Apo33/France) – live stream. Performance + discussion with the artists

“Directions for Decomposition” by Farahnaz Hatam (NK/Germany) – Performance + discussion with the artist

“Next time, die consciously” by Colin Hacklander (NK/Germany) – Performance + discussion with the artist

Performances at Wetsounds, Ironmonger Row Baths

1 Norman St, London, EC1V 3AA.

Wetsounds is an underwater sound gallery where audiences listen to live and composed sound performance whilst immersed in water. Two sessions were presented :

Session 1 :

Joel Cahen


Farahnaz Hatam (NK/Germany)

Session 2 :

Joel Cahen and Wajid Yaseen (Modus)

Candy Shop

Domenico Sciajno (Antitesi/Italy)


OpenSound is a pan-European project exchanging knowledge between seven organisations with the aim of introducing sonic arts practices to a wider audience. Workshops, performances, installations, and debates are held by each organisation highlighting different approaches, methodologies and interests.

The organisations involved are :

AntiTesi – Italy –

Audiolab Arteleku – Spain –

Granular – Portugal –

Piksel – Norway –

APO33 – France –

Modus Arts – UK –

NK – Germany –

Opensound is kindly funded with the help of the Life Long Learning program by Grundtvig.

Special thanks to:


Insight Lighting

Apiary Studios