Modus Arts draws on interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to developing public-facing sound-based artworks and events, encompassing installations, live performances, acousmatic musics, sound sculpture, sound archives, oral histories, and workshops. 

Our aims are to: 

  • Present high quality sound-related events to a broad audience
  • Inspire people to develop their own ways of engaging with sound art
  • Share meaningful experiences connecting technology and the senses
  • Discover new forms of physicality, sociality and community
  • Encourage community building and participation across disciplinary, geographical and cultural boundaries


Core values on which Modus projects are based:

  • Creative Excellence, promoting practice-led and sound-led research
  • Volunteer Engagement, offering a platform where volunteers and new talents can co-develop their professional practices and interests
  • Inclusivity and access, promoting participation from people with all backgrounds in the processes of technological innovation and engagement with the arts 
  • Fair Pay, providing work that is creatively and financially rewarding, while also advocating on behalf of financially vulnerable groups