Wajid Yaseen

Wajid has directed a number of projects including immersive multi-disciplinary installation/performances, is a co-director of the destructivist event Scrapclub, has written the soundscore for a number of dance choreographers and companies, has written film scores for a number of films and documentaries, and been involved in the soundscores for a number of installations and collaborative projects performed in a wide range of galleries throughout the UK and Europe. Website

Helen Frosi

Helen is the founder and director of SoundFjord and her portfolio includes the co-curation (with France Jobin and Yann Novak) of a group show at Oboro (CA); one-off multimedia installations at the ICA and Victoria and Albert Museum. Recent multimedia events have been curated for Goldsmiths, Galerie8, CRiSAP, GV gallery, and such. Her most complex work to date being Sound//Space at V22, featuring a project and performance space, programmed with 50+ talks, masterclasses, workshops and live events. Helen curated the acclaimed, Sbarbi’s Arrow, multiple radio projects for Concertzender (Dutch national radio), as well as educational projects/presentations for FoN festival, Goldsmiths, British Library, Oxford Brookes, Field Studies Masterclass, amongst others. She is currently working with Goldsmiths as a Research Fellow and the first Curator in Residency at Octopus Collective. Website

J Milo Taylor

Milo’s research involves a study of historical and contemporary sound art discourse from a digitised postmodern perspective : “Our contemporary society offers new opportunities for interaction, involvement and immersion. Sound, as a natural phenomenon, and medium of artistic practice, remains immersive, sensual, and elusive to capture by language. Conceptual modalities established by post-convergent and post-structuralist paradigms suggest innovative methods of organising and presenting an archive of sound art in the early 21st century”. Website


Michael has been circling through the realms of new media art since 2002, collaborating with such groups as monochrom. After being invited to the Ars Electronica Festival in 2007 to meet and work with the Graffiti Research Lab, he co-founded the local cell in Vienna. Shortly after, he was appointed to be part of the coordination team for the Viennese funding pool for New Media, distributing €500.000 to new innovative projects, executed all over the world from San Francisco to Osaka or Paris. Website


Irini currently holds the position of the Digital Programmes Team Administrator at the V&A as well as being head of the New Media Arts Development at Watermans Gallery. She has also collaborated with the ICA and the Arnolfini previously as well as with the Colchester Arts Centre and the Bluecoat. Irini’s involvement in our projects has been crucial in liaising with galleries, funders, press officers, dealing with admin and installation preparations. She also manages Franko B, Wajid Yaseen and Reza Aramesh and the performance group Psychological Art Circus. Website


Rob has worked on various installation, noise, sound sculpture, radio and music projects since 1994, and is in the middle of his practice-based PhD. His research centres on the uses of light to synthesize audio, using various analogue electrical, mechanical, and field recording processes. Current works in progress include uses of interferometry to generate audio, composition of small choir pieces for roller-coaster, ‘Minor Conspiracy’ – a harmonium adapted for breath, where pitches, dynamics and duration are negotiated between player and breathers, ‘The Enigma Convolutions’ – for Elgar’s original score and an Enigma machine emulator, and various optophonic synthesis devices, sculpture, drawing, moving image, and sound works. Website


Charles has been working with electronic music since he started recording as Ardisson in 1998. During his time living in London, he has released music on several record labels and performed live using computer and hardware throughout Europe. In the process, Charles has specialised in object-based sound and MIDI processing environments Max/MSP and Supercollider to create software to provide bridges between software and hardware. He developed an algorithmic music system based on Central Javanese gamelan as part of his MA in Sonic Art which has led to a scholarship towards his current PhD work. Website


Alice is an interdisciplinary artist who works with text, illustration, sound, performance and photography. She has toured Japan twice, first in 2003 as solo electro-performance Germseed and again 2006 with collaborative noise project DEFEATIST. She has been working with members of Modus for a decade on various projects including 2nd Gen, Uniform, Ear Cinema and Scrap Club. In 2004 she took an MA in performance practices (Contemporary Music) at Dartington College of Arts and graduated in 2006 with distinction. Her recent/current work resides somewhere within the term Kaburlomime (cabaret/burlesque/pantomime) producing performing characters such as Betty Corbeau and Harpie Marx. Website


Bill is a sound artist and composer who has performed extensively throughout the UK and abroad. His work involves the combination of found objects, field recordings, repurposed live electronics, and digital media to create evolving sonic structures for sound installations and live performance. Relocating from the USA in 2004, he was awarded a full scholarship to pursue a PhD in Composition. Since then he has earned numerous awards and commissions including the PRS for New Music ATOM award,the GAVAA visual arts award, a Scottish Arts Council grant to support a residency at STEIM, a PRS for New Music Three Festival commission (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Le Weekend, and Aberdeen SOUND festival), the 2009 Aberdeenshire Homecoming commission, and the 2010 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award. Website


JD is an artist of many media working in street art, installation, performance, photography, sound and video. Originally trained in dance and physical theatre, JD also studied at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and holds a BA in sculpture from Central St Martins School of Art. JD is interested in “experimental living”, or /dasein/ by design; the performance of everyday life as manifested in the meta, and the space in which manifestation/performance becomes an unmediated experience. Website