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The Featherbox is an interactive/participatory sound installation incorporating 81 ostrich feathers providing a tangible user interface. It comprises of a single unit housing the feathers, a tracking camera, four speakers, a computer, a soundcard, an amp and all cabling. Eight one holes have been drilled into the top panel of the unit with the feathers placed vertically through each hole placed at a distance of 50mm apart creating a square array. Rubber grommets hold the feathers in place and circular counter-sinks have been made to the underside of the panel to allow flexible movement of each feather. Powered green LED’s have been secured to the tip of each calamus (the shaft of the feather) and the camera, placed at the base of the unit, is directed towards the LED’s. The camera is connected to the computer with the video feed running into a video tracking application written in Openframeworks.  The video application in turn sends data to an application written in Supercollider which handles all the sound and routing parameters. A four-channel soundcard is connected to the amp and speakers which are embedded within all four sides of the housing unit.

click to play an audio example : featherbox example 4

Obstruction Placed (in the Path of the Artist)

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(in the Name of National Security) | Exterior, Liminal and Interior Intervention | Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral | Germany

journey, pathway, route, line, vector, barrier, threshold,boundary, border, territory, ambience, movement, outside, margin, inside, liminal, nature, culture, bleed, environment, architecture, heritage, observation, destination, soundscape, listening, spaces, aesthetic experience, context . . .

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audio clip 1 Exterior Soundscape

audio clip 2 Exterior Soundscape | Approaching the Kunstlerhaus Gallery |

audio clip 3 Interior Hallway Outside WaterBugs Installation Room

audio clip 4 Historical Room | Skype Glitch Installation in foreground, Waterbugs and Dissolving Ghost Piano also audible.

audio clip 5 First Stairway | Moving Towards Dissolving Ghost Piano Installation

audio clip 6 Gallery Space | Dissolving Ghost Piano Installation

audio clip 7 Second Stairwell

audio clip 8 On The Bridge

audio clip 9 Final Position

ImMApp: An Immersive Database of Sound Art

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The ImMApp (Immersive Mapping Application) presents an archive of sound art in an interactive immersive environment. The ImMapp is based upon an extensible dataset of primary and secondary evidence of sound art practice and includes text, audio, still images and video footage. The aim has been to develop a fluid and meaningful method of retrieving material, and an innovative means of presentation that will allow transformative acts of play to recontextualise and reconfigure an imagined historical narrative.

The focus of the work is the development of an interactive and immersive digital research methodology. At its core the project is a dynamic audio-visual-textual database allowing rich semantic manipulations of digitised cultural objects, a methodology that allows a researcher the chance to deconstruct, compare and contrast previously unconnected practice in an enriched multisensory, real-time audio-visual environment.

Dissolving Ghost Piano (Sound Installation)

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The reverberant exhibition space and the Steinway piano present within it suggested a variation on Alvin Lucier’s “I am Sitting in a Room”. An improvised section of extended playing was recorded, and over a period of a hour iteratively replayed back into the room. Gradually the original sounds ‘dissolved’ and blended with the resonant frequencies of the space creating a bell-like chiming atmosphere played back into the room during the duration of the exhibition. The windows were left open allowing the sound of the local church bells into the gallery environment, an exploration of open systems.

Book Article: Playing with Words (Ed Cathy Lane)

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Playing with words: the spoken word in artistic practice edited by  Cathy Lane  is  a collection of responses from over 40 leading contemporary composers and artists who were invited to represent  aspects of their  creative practice with words, and in particular, the spoken word, for the printed page.
The  book concentrates on the kinds of creative play to be found in different sound based genres such as electroacoustic music composition, text sound composition, and sound poetry while reflecting artistic  practices  in disciplines of such as digital arts, electronic, concrete and experimental poetry, performance art and fine art (more details at
The contributors have chosen to represent their work in a variety of different ways which include writing, graphics, poetry, photographs and through interview.
Playing with Words is designed by Colin Sackett and published by CRiSAP in collaboration with RGAP.

more info

International Computer Music Conference :Immersed Sound

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J_Milo Taylor – ICMC Paper – camera ready

Waterbugs (Installation)

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An exploration of Chaldni patterns, resonant spaces, the exhibition space, and the materiality of water. Small speakers were placed inside these luminescent plastic bins, a thin transparent membrane was stretched over them, and water placed upon this. Lights installed inside the bins projected images of the trembling water onto the ceiling of the gallery.

click here to listen : Waterbugs (extract) (2008)

First Athens Biennale 2007

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David Toop: Unknown Devices: Laptop Orchestra

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CD Ahmad Sham Sufi Group /Recording & Mix

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Sham_Sufi_4-Sare Buredae Ma Ra