Ear Cinema is a collaborative multi-disciplinary installation/performance piece incorporating animation and film footage, sound diffusion techniques (namely ambisonics) and live performance. It is aligned with the ‘Expanded Cinema’ movement, a film and video practice which activates the live context of watching, transforming cinema’s historical and cultural ‘architectures of reception’ into sites of immersive experience that are heterogeneous, performative and non-determined. The architectural overview involves four large canvas screens placed to make a 8 metre cube. Four projectors simultaneously run a combination of animation and film work and 2 performers act out various characters in front of the screens in real-time accentuating the narrative. Eight speakers are placed within the performance space to create a 3D sound environment using ambisonic technology allowing for precise spatial control of sound and music within the cube. Audiences are invited to stand between the four screens to experience the piece.