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ImMApp: An Immersive Database of Sound Art

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The ImMApp (Immersive Mapping Application) presents an archive of sound art in an interactive immersive environment. The ImMapp is based upon an extensible dataset of primary and secondary evidence of sound art practice and includes text, audio, still images and video footage. The aim has been to develop a fluid and meaningful method of retrieving material, and an innovative means of presentation that will allow transformative acts of play to recontextualise and reconfigure an imagined historical narrative.

The focus of the work is the development of an interactive and immersive digital research methodology. At its core the project is a dynamic audio-visual-textual database allowing rich semantic manipulations of digitised cultural objects, a methodology that allows a researcher the chance to deconstruct, compare and contrast previously unconnected practice in an enriched multisensory, real-time audio-visual environment.

International Computer Music Conference :Immersed Sound

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J_Milo Taylor – ICMC Paper – camera ready

David Toop: Unknown Devices: Laptop Orchestra

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Forum on Culture Technology

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J_Milo_Taylor- YCT2008_Paper_Submission

Computers and the History of Art

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