The Featherbox is an interactive/participatory sound installation incorporating 81 ostrich feathers providing a tangible user interface. It comprises of a single unit housing the feathers, a tracking camera, four speakers, a computer, a soundcard, an amp and all cabling. Eight one holes have been drilled into the top panel of the unit with the feathers placed vertically through each hole placed at a distance of 50mm apart creating a square array. Rubber grommets hold the feathers in place and circular counter-sinks have been made to the underside of the panel to allow flexible movement of each feather. Powered green LED’s have been secured to the tip of each calamus (the shaft of the feather) and the camera, placed at the base of the unit, is directed towards the LED’s. The camera is connected to the computer with the video feed running into a video tracking application written in Openframeworks.  The video application in turn sends data to an application written in Supercollider which handles all the sound and routing parameters. A four-channel soundcard is connected to the amp and speakers which are embedded within all four sides of the housing unit.