(in the Name of National Security) | Exterior, Liminal and Interior Intervention | Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral | Germany

journey, pathway, route, line, vector, barrier, threshold,boundary, border, territory, ambience, movement, outside, margin, inside, liminal, nature, culture, bleed, environment, architecture, heritage, observation, destination, soundscape, listening, spaces, aesthetic experience, context . . .

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audio clip 1 Exterior Soundscape

audio clip 2 Exterior Soundscape | Approaching the Kunstlerhaus Gallery |

audio clip 3 Interior Hallway Outside WaterBugs Installation Room

audio clip 4 Historical Room | Skype Glitch Installation in foreground, Waterbugs and Dissolving Ghost Piano also audible.

audio clip 5 First Stairway | Moving Towards Dissolving Ghost Piano Installation

audio clip 6 Gallery Space | Dissolving Ghost Piano Installation

audio clip 7 Second Stairwell

audio clip 8 On The Bridge

audio clip 9 Final Position