Tape Letters

TAPE LETTERS is an oral history project aiming to identify, collect and archive messages sent on cassette tape in the 1960s through to the 1980s by families who migrated to the UK from Pakistan between 1950 and 1970. The project seeks to unearth, archive and re/present a portrait of the cultural heritage of Punjabi (specifically […]

Foley Nights

Foley; noun modifier noun: foley relating to or concerned with the addition of recorded sound effects after the shooting of a film Foley Nights is an open event where audience members get the opportunity to directly participate in the act of making live ‘foley’. Modus Arts provide all the materials needed to make live sound […]

Space Scores

A collection of musical graphic scores referencing number-form synaesthesia, specifically a newly identified sub-type known as magnitudal-spatial synaesthesia, as reported by Gertner, Arend, and Henik in Volume 13 of the International Quarterly of Cognitive Science, suggesting a form of synaesthesia that involves not only discrete, ordered, meaningful symbols (ie numbers is a straight line etc) […]

Opensound London

Modus Arts presented the UK edition of OpenSound at Apiary Studios. It involved seven European sound organisations presenting two days of performances, workshops, and discussions on sound arts practice, and concluded with an underwater sound gallery Wetsounds event at the Ironmongers Row Baths. the lineup included : Performances and Discussions “Collatz Conjecture” by Klein Bottle (Antitesi/Italy) […]

Ghost Quartet

  A double viola string quartet piece diffused via transducers into wooden chairs. Each chair is allocated a separate instrument. Installed as part of Audiograft Festival, Oxford, 2012. Cello played by Greg Duggan, Viola and Violin by Alessandro Librio. click to play audio : Ghost Quartet arrangement (all 4 channels bounced to stereo)  


OpenSound is a pan-European project involving the exchange of sonic arts practice between partner organisations through workshops, conferences and diffusion events, using a non-formal integrative approach and exchanging know-how and experience based on the specific situation of each respective country. Partner organisations are : Antitesi (Italy), Apo33 (France), Audiolab (Spain), NK (Germany), Granular (Portugal), Piksel (Norway), Modus Arts (UK) kindly funded […]


Sandbox is a monthly sound-art discussion/show & tell event curated by Modus members.

Who’s Afraid of The In-Between?

Workshop and open lab, Oaxaca & Mexico City, Mexico

Ear Cinema

a 4 screen multi-disciplinary installation/performance piece incorporating animation , sound diffusion techniques (namely ambisonics) and live performance

NaNbOt (Interactive Open source Sound Art)

Arduino-based proximity-responsive interactive sound installation


An interactive/participatory sound installation incorporating 81 ostrich feathers providing a tangible user interface.

Obstruction Placed (in the Path of the Artist)

Installation for Listening.
Materials: String, Outdoor, Indoor Space, 6 Kitchen Knives, White Spray Paint.

ImMApp: An Immersive Database of Sound Art

A dynamic audio-visual-textual sound art database

Dissolving Ghost Piano (Sound Installation)

Bad Ems, Germany

Book Article: Playing with Words (Ed Cathy Lane)

J Milo Taylor : Playing with Words – p1

CRiSAP in collaboration with RGAP

International Computer Music Conference :Immersed Sound

Copenhagen, Denmark

Waterbugs (Installation)

Water, LEDs, speakers, resonance
Bad Ems, Germany

First Athens Biennale 2007

Athens, Greece

David Toop: Unknown Devices: Laptop Orchestra

Tate Britain. Late at Tate, London

CD Ahmad Sham Sufi Group /Recording & Mix

CD released 2010 by World Music Network (The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan)

4 Channel Ambient Sound Narrative for Swimming Pool

Wetsounds, Clissold Park, London

London Sound Artist Working Group

London (various venues)

“Ich Sitze in einem Raum” (for Alvin Lucier and Rainer Hoffman)

“Ich sitze in einem Raum, der anders is als der Raum, in dem Sie sich gerade befinden. Ich nehme meine Sprechstimme auf und spiele sie ab, nehme sie auf und spiele sie ab, immer wieder – bis die Resonanzschwingungen des Raum sich selbst verstäken, so dass jede Ähnlichkeit mit dem Sprechen, au?er vielleicht mit dem Sprechrhythmus, ausgelöscht wird. Was Sie dann noch hören, sind die natürlichen Resonanzschwingungen des Raumes, gegliedert durch das Sprechen. Diese Handlung ist für mich weniger die Demonstration eines physikalischen Sachverhaltes, als vielmehr ein Weg, alle Unregelmä?igkeiten, die meine Sprache möglicherweise aufweist, zu glätten.”

Easter Dialectic

Bad Ems, Germany

Forum on Culture Technology

Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, S. Korea

The Objectifiers

Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2009

P47 Misery Box

Royal Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway

Sound Moneyfesto Performance

Serpentine Gallery, London

Empire Hotel Radio Scan

University of Regina, Canada

Prospero Assemblage (visual work)

Tula, Moscow, Russia

TRO Factory Berlin: Installation / Performance

East Berlin, Germany

Radio Puppet Installation

Chefchauen, Rif Mountains, Northern Morocco.

Computers and the History of Art

ChaRT Conference, Birckbeck College, London